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Cam Girls are taking over the online adult industry.

The New York Times reported that the Web Cam industry brings in around $1 billion in annual revenue. Yes, BILLION. Whoever said people don’t pay for porn anymore has been seriously misinformed, though cams are believed to be the only materially profittable segment of the industry. See, how to create Porn Cam Site: Like Bill Maher on crank, it’s real time all the time. You pay your bitcoin and you take your chances—getting a real-time moment with some orgasm junkie on the other side of the planet somewhere: it’s a Skype-esque Girlfriend Experience. Cam Girls like Kendra Sunderland and Missy Rhodes have taken over in the past few years, even being recognized by AVN, or Adult Video News, a well-established authority in the adult industry. Some of these girls are making over $1000 an hour, while creating names for themselves. In a world of virtual reality and instant gratification, “cam girls” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Library Girl Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland Cam Girls Kendra Sunderland Cam Girls Kendra Sunderland Cam Girls k2

Is known for doing more than just reading Moby Dick in the library. As a former student at Oregon State University, she was launched into the spotlight when she filmed a video in her college library. That video catapulted her into the spotlight which is turn lead her to be featured in Playboy and Penthouse, two of the most well-known men’s magazines, as well as landing deals with adult industry companies. But while she’s been receiving all this attention from her new fans, she has also received the same attention from the law. Sunderland was arrested following her library video and was charged with a hefty fine. But that hasn’t stopped Kendra from making the best of her situation. She turned her library video into business opportunities which include several sex toys that are a big hit for college aged males and older guys who dig college aged girls.

Cam Girls My Cherry Crush

My Cherry Crush Cam GirlsMy Cherry Crush Cam Girls

My Cherry Crush Cam GirlsMy Cherry Crush Cam Girls

The most fascinating of all the web cam artistes I have found. Her signature photo is of her diminutive form seated on a stool, her pink-dyed hair a-flopsy over her eyes, bra peeled down to reveal some teenybopper-ish pink-nipped smallish boobies peeking out…raw whitish (bordering on a-little-too-indoor) skin on her thighs…down to black boots so intimidating you can almost hear the crinkle. From head to toe, Lolita morphs to Ilse She Wolf of the SS. On the cam, Cherry is all about that most popular of cam genres: deep throating. Then she has little poetic, mumbly interludes between. Absolutely bloody fascinating!

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